Selling a car remotely

Looking to sell your car profitably? Can’t leave your car for sale on the auto marketplace? Have no time or desire to be engaged in the sale?

The company VMOBILE.LV offers its services in helping sell your car remotely.

It is:


We are ready to take on all the hassle associated with the sale. Thus, you do not have to spend your time on selling the car and you can continue to use it, without leaving it on the auto marketplace.


A fee for selling services starts from EUR 299, including 21% VAT.


You will pay the fee for selling services only after your car has been actually sold.


Along with the sale of your car, we offer Trade-in, financing and insurance services. This greatly speeds up the selling process.


We will create a portfolio of your car free of charge and post ads for sale on major advertising websites of the Baltic States, Europe and CIS countries.


A team of professionals will take care of all the details and sell your car on the terms favourable for you.

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